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1Driver of Any Motorized vehicle (excluding Jr. Dragsters & Jr. Street) must hold a valid drivers license.
21st time matches will be based on reaction times. If your opponent does not show you will get a single run.
3Only 1 bye-run per day. All bye-runs will be done by random draw. Bye-runs must be taken. The only way to be disqualified on a bye-run is to cross the centerline.
4Electronics allowed in Super Pro class only. (ie: delay boxes/throttle stops.)
5Lane choice to be done by reaction times for the full day in qualifying for all classes but the bikes. The bikes will do lane choice from reaction times of the previous round.
6Time trials and number of time trials will depend on number of vehicles and time allowable.
7Entry fee refundable only if NO runs were made. If you trip the lights, it is considered a run.
8NO burnouts, spinning or torqueing in Pit areas, Staging areas, return road or camping areas.
9A person must be in vehicle at all times when running. When running in gear, rear axle must be on 2 stands with an operator with a valid drivers license in car.
10No passengers allowed during eliminations. Must run 14 seconds or slower and under 100mph.
11Must provide proper seat, helmets and restraints for passengers during time trials.
12No riding on cars.
13No holding vehicles in burnout.
14Side windows must be rolled up when staging and must remain closed until off the track.
15Dial-Ins and numbers must be displayed on left side window and right side front windshield in WHITE LETTERING. No other color will be accepted.
16Come to a complete stop when picking up time slip.
17Courtesy staging please. (Wait for opponent to pre stage before staging)
18No backing up after burnout unless okayed by Starter.
19Please, turn headlights on tow vehicle when being towed.
20Please, show courtesy & consideration for fellow participants/campers. Example loudness, lateness and respect for one another’s space.
21NO one allowed near the Top Floor of timing tower at any time. Any concerns to be handle by Race Day Coordinator.
22Tower lane has right of way when exiting off the track unless other wise told so by top end official.
23Don’t come up to the staging lanes until called by class.
24No dogs running free. Children, must be supervised by an adult at all times.
25Feel free to disagree with track decisions, however, use caution, do it nicely and diplomatically.
26NO consumption of Alcohol on site until completion of day’s events. If you are still in competition, you can be disqualified if anyone is observed drinking in or around your pit area. NO prohibited substances permitted at any time.
27Jr. Dragster drivers cannot drive in pit area.
28All race vehicles, support vehicles to observe 20km. speed limit in the pit and staging areas.
29Waiver form must be signed. Please, ensure that this is done.
30Current NHRA Rule Book is Basic rules. (track rules are in addition to them)
31Please, do not take off helmets or loosen belts until off the track.
32Dumping of used oil and antifreeze other than in designated tanks located at two areas of the track will not be tolerated and will be grounds for eviction from the facility. Violators will be charged for all clean up expenses, as well as criminal charges under the Canadian Environmental Act. (CEAA)
33Vandalism at this facility will be dealt with harshly. Volunteers have put in many hours for the enjoyment of all.
34ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLES to be on the return road or staging lanes while Jr. Dragsters are returning from their runs. Immediate ejection from facility will result from violation.
36Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time during racing events will be disqualified and will face possible ejection from the premises.
37The use of fireworks is STRICTLY PROHIBITED !
38Antifreeze on the track- Antifreeze will only be allowed in vehicles that are insured and registered. If antifreeze is in a race car and they wet down the track, suspension for the day and at the disgression of the executive there will be a fine. Fine could be loss of points for the weekend as well as an extended suspension.
39No dial-ins can be changed past the dial in line(Blue) with the acception of a time delay of 15 minutes from the last pair of cars running down the track.
40No dial-ins can be changed past the dial in line(Blue) unless your opponent is notified and agrees
41Pemanent generators will be vented (exhaust) to the roof of the trailer/RV in the pit.
42All vehicles running 10.00 and quicker will now need a diaper/oil containment device

Tune into Radio 89.1 FM

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